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Epic Specialty Staffing - Why Hire Locum Tenens for the Winter Season

Why Hire Locum Tenens for the Winter Season

The holiday season is officially upon us. It’s a busy time of year, especially for healthcare facilities. Many see a flood of activity toward the end of the year as patients meet their annual deductibles. While helping patients and increasing revenue are certainly good things, it can be challenging if you’re short-staffed.

Healthcare labor shortages are nothing new. On top of that, medical facilities are likely getting time-off requests from employees hoping for a little break around the holidays. It’s a scenario that can create a staffing nightmare for healthcare managers operating without support from a healthcare recruitment agency like Epic Specialty Staffing. Further, as a healthcare recruitment firm specializing in radiation oncology and remote dosimetry, we understand just how valuable locum tenens are. These temporary workers have the skills and experience to get healthcare facilities through the winter season and beyond. It just comes down to finding them.

How Can Locum Tenens Help?

Locum tenens are uniquely positioned to solve short-term winter staffing shortages. Here are a few benefits of bringing them on your team.

  • Better patient care: Being fully staffed allows your organization to fire on all cylinders. That often means reduced wait times and a stronger focus on patient care. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Quality of care is what drives patient satisfaction. When patients have a good experience, they may be more likely to leave a positive review. That can go a long way. Research from Reputation, a reputation management company, found that over 70% of consumers read online reviews when considering a new healthcare provider.
  • Improved workflow: From a logistics point of view, operating with a short staff might create challenges for your administrative team. Appointment scheduling and patient-provider communications, for example, can both break down when you’re short-handed. Locum tenens provide the necessary support to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Reduced chance of burnout: Other medical providers usually step up and work harder to fill staffing gaps. That can lead to exhaustion. It’s little wonder more than half of healthcare professionals are experiencing burnout, according to the American Medical Association.

Where to Find the Best Locum Tenens

At Epic Specialty Staffing, we’ve built a rich network of qualified locum tenens across multiple disciplines, including remote dosimetry. Our team of locum tenens are ready to step in when your staff needs time off this holiday season.

Whether we’re filling open positions for healthcare facilities or helping candidates find their next opportunity, Epic Specialty Staffing understands that it’s all about relationships. We thoroughly vet all candidates and listen to their short- and long-term goals. This allows us to place them in positions where they can shine the brightest — even if it’s in a rural critical access hospital. Epic Specialty Staffing also stays connected to candidates who have full-time jobs, but work as locum tenens on the side. These folks often use their own PTO days to cover short-term contracts when needed.

Healthcare facilities sourcing for talent on their own will probably find it hard to fill temporary positions in today’s candidate-driven job market. Finding people who are experienced and available to step in this holiday season can take valuable time away from healthcare providers and administrators in accomplishing their other important work. At Epic Specialty Staffing, we take the time to listen to your challenges and understand your needs. We then use that information to shape our strategy and deliver the short-term help you’re looking for.

Epic Specialty Staffing partners with healthcare facilities to work through their pain points. It’s about building a relationship and setting them up for success during the holiday season and beyond. Connect with us today to get started.

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