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Credentialing Documents Instructions

Clicking the links to our different credentialing forms will take you to an encrypted and HIPAA-compliant site where you’ll be able to complete all the required forms without the need to download to your computer.

To complete the forms, just follow these straightforward steps in order:

  1. Read the yellow right signature bar at the bottom of the document to find out how many items you need to fill out.
  2. Click on the red naviguide flag on the left side of the document to be taken to the next step required.
  3. Click your mouse in a text field to begin entering information. Then type the required information.
    • If there are checkboxes, click your mouse button inside of a box to select and check it.
    • To set the date field, click your mouse in the box. A calendar will appear that is preset to today’s date.
    • To confirm, select the desired date from the calendar.
  4. Sign your name in the signature box.
    • If you are using a mouse: Left-click and drag in the box to draw your signature with the mouse.
    • If you are using a trackpad: Click in the box, hold your thumb down on the trackpad, and draw your signature with your index finger.
    • If you are using an iPad or iPhone: Draw your name with your finger inside the signature box.
  5. When all of the required fields are complete on the document, the submit signature button will appear in green. Click this button to complete the signing process.

If you have any problems or questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at (877) 479-1545.

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