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Interim Leadership

Wouldn’t it be great if someone knew high-performing medical, nursing and administrative executives who loved working interim positions? We do. We talk to them almost every day.

Epic Specialty Staffing recruiters are 100% about relationships. Sure we have one of the best relationship databases in the industry, but we go further. Our recruiters ask better questions and they find the diamonds hidden in the crowds, the skilled Management, Director and C-Suite level executives, the Chief Nursing Officers, VPs and Administrative Executives who can step into the breach and manage disruption and stabilize teams. And, in the meantime, management committees can find the time to find permanent leadership.

Why do our Interim Executives do it? Because they love challenges and the thrill of new locations. They love building new teams, and the sense of satisfaction at helping a system or hospital weather a storm.  

At a time when patient satisfaction is related to provider reimbursements, hiring the right staff in a timely fashion makes superior talent acquisition more critical than ever.

Epic Specialty Staffing’s Interim Recruitment Consultants are peerless providers of interim and permanent healthcare leadership solutions focusing on the clinical and non-clinical executive.

Put These Five Key Advantages To Work For Your Next Interim Executive Search

  1. We serve as management consultants, evaluating the work environment and the organizational needs as well as politics.
  2. We assist our clients in delineating clearly the requirements of the role, the qualifications, and the personal characteristics of the ideal candidate.
  3. Our platform of solutions is designed to help the bottom line of the organization as they are lucrative and economical when compared to others the industry.
  4. Epic Specialty Staffing’s systematic approach reduces hiring periods, which can help to relieve patient and employee satisfaction issues that can arise when essential leadership and other positions go unfilled for extended periods.
  5. We are experts who deliver a robust candidate database, advanced sourcing techniques, digital recruitment strategies and technologies, and compliance expertise to vet candidate backgrounds, experience, and credentials properly.

Our transitional leadership assessment and placement team works with a broad network of well-qualified interim leaders in numerous specialties and high-impact change agents with extensive interim consulting backgrounds.

Most progressive healthcare systems have very successfully turned to interim leaders to keep a positive momentum and solve critical problems. As a result, they have experienced significant returns on the dollars invested in transitional leadership talent.

Five Questions You Should Ask To Decide If You Need an Interim Leader

  1. Are there serious problems that may be better handled by a leader who will be exiting after the issues are fixed?
  2. Does the existing staff need to develop their skills further?
  3. Do you need to produce a change in the unit’s organizational culture?
  4. Are you in your Joint Commission Window?
  5. Are you located in an area where permanent leadership talent is difficult to attract?

Like any other strategy, success lies in the execution. Epic Specialty Staffing consulting helps clients develop strategies that attract the high-impact leadership talent in the country. We ask them to start out by considering whether utilizing an interim leader is an alternative that fits their current situation.

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