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Executive and Management Search

The best of all worlds. ENGAGED SEARCH delivers accelerated Director/Executive/C-Suite level recruitment that’s cost-efficient.

Epic Specialty Staffing is a healthcare executive search firm that understands that covering a vacancy is not just about posting an ad and filling a position, but rather matching the best talent with the right opportunity.

If your medical system or company needs to replace a permanent Director/Executive/C-Suite level position, you want to access our best-in-class ENGAGED SEARCH process. Our proprietary SearchQuestSM candidate assessment tool helps reduce your executive placement times by a full month compared to the standard retained search practices used by our competition. It is all about relationships. Our recruitment experts work closely with our candidates and can identify, qualify and propose the optimal match for your team.

It is win-win from start to finish. Guesswork is eliminated. Search costs are reduced dramatically. And each position is unconditionally guaranteed.


Eight Reasons to Choose ENGAGED SEARCH for Your Next Permanent Director/Executive/C-Suite level Placement.

ENGAGED SEARCH advantages:

  1. The start date for a new hire is 30 days less than traditional search
  2. Reduced fee structure compared to our competitors
  3. Lower upfront investment
  4. We don’t charge for additional expenses
  5. We provide a comprehensive assessment of the presented candidates in the candidates’ own words
  6. Full unconditional candidate guarantee
  7. Our Candidates never pay a fee
  8. Timeline helps keep everyone on track

Talk to one of our expert healthcare executive recruiters before you make your next hire. To help you with this transition, we also offer an extensive network of interim healthcare executives.

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