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Epic Specialty Staffing Kicks Off National Rad Tech Week!

Epic Specialty Staffing Kicks Off National Rad Tech Week!

National Radiologic Technology Week (known as “Rad Tech Week” for short) is right around the corner! It’s a special time of year for Epic Specialty Staffing—we’ll take any opportunity to acknowledge medical imaging and radiation technology professionals and the incredible work they do. This year’s Rad Tech Week is from November 6-12 and the theme is “Aiming to Heal.” Here’s a brief overview of what it is, why it matters, and simple ways that healthcare facilities can show their appreciation to their radiology teams.

What is Rad Tech Week?

National Radiologic Technology Week is an annual weeklong celebration of radiation therapy professionals. It was launched by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) to celebrate these workers and the important work they’re doing every day. They’ve been at the center of the Covid-19 pandemic, delivering vital services to people who need it most. What better way to honor them than to celebrate all they do?

“Rad Tech Week is an opportunity for healthcare facilities to show their appreciation to all the people who are out in the field doing the work,” says James Lanni, Executive Recruiter at Epic Specialty Staffing. “It’s a way to make people feel special about what they do and to let them know that they’re making a difference in people’s lives.”

Why it matters

The number one reason to celebrate Rad Tech Week is to say thank you for all the value they bring to healthcare organizations. When it comes to medical imaging and radiation technology, having skilled workers on the ground is absolutely vital. Many healthcare facilities are short staffed, which has only highlighted just how important these professionals are. The number one reason to celebrate Rad Tech Week is to say thank you for all the value they bring to healthcare organizations. They’re making a direct impact on patient care. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.

Beyond that, celebrating Rad Tech Week might also give healthcare facilities a competitive edge in today’s challenging job market.

“There is a shortage of these workers,” says Lanni. “On top of all that, there is a definite need for these people. Rad Tech Week is a time to show them we care and that we know these last couple of years haven’t been easy.”

Radiation technology and medical imaging workers might be more likely to stay on board when they feel appreciated by their employer.

Ways to Celebrate Rad Tech Week

There isn’t one right or wrong way to go about it. The goal is to make radiation professionals feel seen and valued. The way you do that will be unique to your organization. Having said that, here are some simple ways to make these essential workers feel special:

  • Host a breakfast or lunch for your radiation team to acknowledge all their hard work. You can add a little fun by incorporating a radiology theme, like desserts that are shaped like bones and decorations that resemble X-rays. The ASRT suggests a game where the staff takes images of random items found in the office (like keys, pens, etc.) and teams take guesses on the imaged items.
  • Send a company-wide email each day of Rad Tech Week that recognizes different workers. What makes them valuable and why does their work matter?
  • Distribute personalized gift baskets with little goodies like candy, snacks and gift cards.
  • Have special T-shirts or water bottles made to commemorate Rad Tech Week.
  • Make a staff shout-out board where people in your office can leave sticky-note messages celebrating specific Rad Tech workers.

The whole point of National Rad Tech Week is to spotlight these workers so they know just how special they are. That’s something Epic Specialty Staffing can get behind all year long.

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