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Epic Specialty Staffing Prepares for the AAMD 47th Annual Meeting

Epic Specialty Staffing Prepares for the AAMD 47th Annual Meeting

Live, in-person events are finally making their way back into the healthcare industry. One event, in particular, includes the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD) 47th Annual Meeting. The event takes place from June 19th to 23rd in Baltimore, Maryland and is expected to draw hundreds of healthcare professionals to participate. Nando Ramos, an Executive Recruiter of Radiation Oncology, is excited to be representing Epic Specialty Staffing. It marks his first time attending the AAMD annual meeting, but he’s no stranger to these large industry events. So, he’s bringing that experience and enthusiasm with him to Baltimore. Here’s a closer look at how Epic Specialty Staffing fits into it all.

What is the AAMD Annual Meeting?

The AAMD is a professional organization that’s become a go-to resource for medical dosimetrists and treatment planners worldwide. The organization plays a crucial role in patient care as it defines the scope of practice for medical dosimetry and treatment planning. The organization hosts an annual meeting to promote learning and connection every year. The event hosts live education sessions while connecting professionals who work in these fields. “Many vendors also come to showcase all of their new equipment,” says Ramos. “It’s a large meet-and-greet, plus the chance to take continuing education classes.”

Why is Epic Specialty Staffing Attending?

“It’s a great place to meet potential candidates and kind of get a feel for what’s out there by talking to employed people as well as new graduates,” he says. “At these events, we also get feedback from people as to trends in the Dosimetry market. So, it’s almost like a pulse of what’s happening in our network.” Ramos adds that nearly 400 people are expected to attend. While that isn’t quite as high as the attendance rates in previous years, he notes that this is also the first live AAMD Annual Meeting since 2019. Through that lens, he sees it as an encouraging number that will allow for more authentic connections.

What Value is Epic Specialty Staffing Bringing to the Event?

“We have a positive reputation with both recruiters and candidates alike and are well known in the market for providing top candidates for hard-to-fill roles,” says Ramos. “Radiation Oncology candidates who are looking for new opportunities and/or potential clients needing help staffing their Cancer facilities tend to visit our booth during these shows which makes it easy to put faces to names.”

It’s one thing to communicate over the phone or through email—it’s another to connect in-person. Such opportunities are what help Ramos get to know existing clients and meet potential new candidates and industry contacts.

“At the end of the day, it’s a networking event for us,” he adds. “We get to share our expertise in the field, especially with the new grads. We let them know what the market’s looking like.”

Similarly, healthcare professionals have come to rely on Epic Specialty Staffing as a trusted industry leader. Ramos says he’s often asked to share his insights on the state of Radiation Oncology since Epic Specialty Staffing has made such a strong name for itself in the field. The AAMD Annual Meeting will help facilitate those natural conversations. In this way, the event is an opportunity to nurture existing relationships and build new and lasting ones.

“Our motto is that business is done between people,” says Ramos. “To do that, you have to get in front of people.”

The AAMD Annual Meeting will also allow him to check out new technology hitting the market, an essential component since Epic Specialty Staffing has such a strong presence in the radiation oncology industry.

Ramos sums it up, “We’re making sure that everyone knows we’re out there helping people get good jobs—and helping clients fill difficult needs.”

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